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Amanda. 22. Writer. Photographer. Singer. I love words, stories, blue boxes that are bigger on the inside, doctors that aren't really doctors, tragically beautiful love stories, mockingjays, and you. I make videos about books on the internet machine and I drink far too much wine.

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He knew this would be a challenge
for he was working with a pencil that had been worn down to the tip,
pages that had been torn apart and taped back together
and a story that had been written many times before;
three things that were a reflection of his very own pains and sorrows.
But he figured it’d be worth a shot anyway,
standing face to face with a stranger only his heart could recognize,
as he tossed out the old and reached for the new,
putting down a clean blank sheet of paper as he reached for the pen
an scribbled down the lines;
                                           I love you.

 Absolutely beautiful.